About Davichi

Founded over a decade ago, Davichi‘s success was due to our value-driven and results-oriented approach; we did whatever it took to get the job done.

Davichi grew rapidly, largely through word of mouth, to become an established and well-respected business offering a diverse range of IT solutions for businesses of every size.

The results over the years have been exceptional, and Davichi has been established as a prefered alternative to other large outsourcing providers. Our clients benefit from outstanding service levels and a can-do approach, backed by enterprise level infrastructure and mature quality management processes.

Davichi specialise in the design, support and management of systems. We have the skills and ability to handle any project and are agile enough to get the job done quickly and effectively.

two hands holding jigsaw pieces that say know how

The keys to Davichi’s Success

In addition to our customer orientated business model, we believe our can-do attitude and hardworking approach truly sets us apart from our competitors. We follow the philosophy that a high-quality reputation is not a given, it must be earned. This can only be achieved by delivering an outstanding service standard, every time.

What differentiates us from our competitors? We believe no job is complete until our customer is happy. We do what it takes. We go the extra mile. We are determined to exceed expectations. We’re much more than the average computer fix-it or “reactive” service. We are a professional team with a commitment to the customer experience.

At the core of our business culture and brand identity is a fresh and innovative feel, loaded with personality and character.

Davichi’s Core Values

True Partners.

We’re a trusted, preferred partner because we seek first to understand our clients, we genuinely want to help them achieve their goals, and we work side-by-side to develop outstanding customised solutions specific to our clients unique needs.

We speak your language, not ‘technobabble’: technical expertise with down-to-earth nous.

Collaborative innovation through true partnerships

Our approach is all about shared success and collaboration with our customers, to create a depth of understanding that drives innovation and enhanced performance. We value-add through customised solutions that deliver competitive advantage, absolute precision, enhanced ease, and increased efficiencies.

Service Excellence.

We serve with the highest standards. We’re all about service excellence. Our specialised team injects agility, flexibility and accessibility. We’re open, honest and transparent. We deliver on promise, on time, every time.


We know our stuff. We have the right mix of experienced, technically brilliant, dedicated staff providing proactive network monitoring and on site service around the clock.


We’re zealous innovators. We look at things differently to find fresh, new ways of doing things. We innovate for – and on behalf of – our customers. We know that improvement is a constant process and we pursue it daily in everything we do to optimise efficiency.

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