Does your business have a plan if an incident occurs? Do you know who needs to be contacted and at what stages this should be done?

Our team can work with your organisation to help prepare your team for any cybersecurity incident, as it is commonly stated by our industry that it is not a matter of if an organisation will have a cybersecurity breach but when.

With our help you can have the correct systems in place to ensure that data loss is at a minimum, your team knows what to do and is confident when the incident occurs which will also improve your chances of minimising system downtime.

At Davichi we work on the idea that it is always better to prevent an incident then responding to the fact, so it is important that we help you get the system configured correctly and have the best preparations to minimise your risk so when it does happen, you will be prepared and have the correct skills to respond in the most efficient manner.

Davichi can work with your team as little or as much as needed depending on budget and risk profile.

We can simulate attacks, run through mock response plans and work with you on developing functional policies and procedure that actually work when needed not just a tick box to meet your compliance needs.

Our team will help you meet compliance but we need to think of your company’s cybersecurity preparedness as much more than just compliance requirements. If you get this wrong it could have a high cost with regards to lost revenue and brand reputation.

Do yourself a favour and reach out to Davichi today to discuss what we can do to help you protect your business no matter the size of your company.