Latest Microsoft Updates

Latest Microsoft 365 Updates You Should Know about Davichi Marketing Microsoft Teams Meeting Auto-Transcription When the meeting organizer sets the Record automatically meeting option to On for a meeting. Transcription will now also be turned on with Recording when the meeting begins, if Transcription is allowed by admins. When will this happen: Late August and […]

Is the Cloud risky?

Silver cloulds next to computer monitors

What are the Main Risks of Cloud Computing? The biggest risk of cloud computing is just that – the fact that it is cloud computing. The cloud has some great benefits but there are misconceptions about what the cloud actually is. To many, the cloud is an intangible place where wizards conjure invincible systems out […]

Is your business prepared for COVID-19?

Is your business prepared for COVID-19? By Davichi Team As these global coronavirus fears increase, businesses are seeking solutions to manage their increasingly isolated workforce. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, LinkedIn, and Twitter are among the companies asking employees to work from home, if possible, during the outbreak. While working remotely is obviously not a possibility […]

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