What is Penetration Testing?

What is Penetration Testing? Penetration testing is a security evaluation executed exactly as a real attacker would. System vulnerabilities are discovered and exploits are launched trying to obtain unauthorized access. The objective is to inform the organization of the security issues that could result by not having the necessary security measures. By Craig Ford – […]

Cybersecurity and the Manufacturing Industry

You wanted to know: What are the Main Cybersecurity Problems in Manufacturing? Cybersecurity in manufacturing has several challenges that we need to consider and resolve if we are to make a significant impact on the security landscape. In many manufacturing facilities, two separate networks exist – Information Technology and Operational Technology. By Davichi Cyber Security […]

What is Social Engineering?

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What is Social Engineering? Social engineering is a method of manipulation of a target for the purposes of getting the target to act in a certain way. It can be something small and simple or as big as transferring $50K to some newly modified account details that the malicious actor convinced you to change for […]

What to do if you think you have been hacked…

What to do if you think you have been hacked… What To Do Next? This is not a simple answer to give but its something that we get asked all of the time, so here are some basic tips to keep in mind. To best explain we will go through a couple of scenarios that may […]

Speed up tabbed browsing with OneTab

By Davichi Marketing Speed up tabbed browsing with OneTab For those users who like to have many tabs open at the same time, you know that it can be very taxing on your RAM, thus slowing down their computer. However, there is a utility called OneTab that can reduce the RAM usage of these extra tabs by up to […]

Are Phone Payment Methods Secure?

You Wanted to Know… Are Smartphone Payment Methods as Secure as Credit Cards? Mobile phone payment methods are something that is starting to become a mainstream ability not just a novelty ability for the early tech adopters. Mobile phone payment methods have become mainstream and are no longer just a novelty for the early tech […]

Is antivirus enough?

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It has become clear of late that many don’t see the urgency or need for cyber insurance or simply don’t understand what it really is for.

Cybersecurity Predictions 2020

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Cybersecurity Predictions & Recommendations We’ve gathered our predictions and recommendations for cybersecurity in 2020 to help you stay on top of your systems next year. By Craig Ford – Cyber Security Specialist Download a copy here Click here Need more information? For more information on cyber security, Click Contact Us, or call us on +61 […]

Davichi Tips n Tricks – Microsoft Word

Erase a blank page in Microsoft Word By Craig Ford – Cyber Security Specialist Erase a blank page in Microsoft Word Occasionally, when you’re writing a document in Microsoft Word, you’ll notice that you have an extra blank page at the end. To get rid of said page, move your cursor to the top of it and […]

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