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Time is of the essence in the construction industry.

Construction processes require an extensive and regular exchange of data and information between project managers, contractors, your team and customers. You need to adopt new technology to achieve the time, cost and quality objectives on every one of your projects.

Time is of the essence in the construction industry. When contracts are on the line, you can’t afford to waste time with unreliable networks, incompatible software and employee communication breakdowns.

Manufacturing IT Services That Optimize Resources and Processes

The construction, industrial/commercial sectors pose unique technology challenges. Davichi partners with you to provide it solutions for the construction industry specifically. We support  the many phases and lifecycles of what you’re building.

With so many technical aspects to any engineering and construction business, it’s important to have quality IT solutions that support you seamlessly from start to finish of every project.

Everything from task control, data integration, material and resource control, and communication between you and your suppliers.

We’ll ensure your on-site teams have fast yet secure and cost-effective networks so they can do their jobs properly. We manage the data carriers, network hardware and software.

Construction work is challenging and requires great attention to detail.  Davichi is available to take the worry out of dealing with crucial IT issues and to ensure that technology and communications remain up and running in top condition.

Davichi has the innovative tools and solutions to enhance the way businesses in the construction industry operate.

When the success of your business relies on precision, you need technology solutions that meet your precise demands. At Davichi, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver precise technology solutions with customisable options that include the setup, management, and maintenance of comprehensive computing solutions:

Industry-leading tools and solutions allow you to streamline your processes by enhancing your operations and maximizing productivity. By taking advantage of the best tools on the market, you are able to work better.

In the construction industry, mobility is key. You need to be able to ensure your workforce can remain in constant communication – whether in the office, or on the job-site. Take advantage of innovative mobility solutions that let you access from any device at any time.

We enable you to take full advantage of today’s most dynamic wired and wireless technologies.

Davichi delivers complete IT support including monitoring, security, management, and proactive maintenance on your entire network and computing infrastructure.

Our consultants understand the best way to deploy your IT and provide a knowledge base that is a valuable asset in the design, implementation, and support of any new technology strategy, including a detailed understanding of business continuity and data protection.

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