Davichi at Cybercon 2019

Based on the many conversations with our clients and potential clients over the last few months it has become obvious that many don’t see the urgency or need for cyber insurance or simply don’t understand what it really is for.

With this in mind, we have decided to try and help you understand just what cyber insurance is and why it is so important.

By Craig Ford - Cyber Security Specialist

Davichi team members Daryn and Craig attended the inaugural AISA Cyber Conference in Melbourne on Monday the 7th of October. This year, the AISA and the ACSC conference combined to form the biggest security conference in Australia to date.

The massive event had more than 3500 registered delegates in attendance – a great achievement for AISA. The conference kicked off with a bang for Davichi, as Daryn and Craig accepted the Cyber Security SMB Employer of the Year award on behalf of the company on the first day.

The two days of the conference were jam-packed with plenty of new ideas and risks that Davichi needs to be aware to ensure the company is prepared for what is to come in the fast-paced area of cyber-security.

Some conference highlights included presentations from cybersecurity experts, Brian Krebs, Kevin Mitnick, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and Bruce Schneier. Paula Januskziewicz’s eye-opening presentation was another highlight; a terrifyingly skilled red teamer that if instructed to do so, nothing much would stop her gaining access to any system.

Paula Januskziewicz and Kevin Mitnick performed hacking demonstrations that were both enlightening and terrifying. Not everything was new but a lot of it brought forward issues that need focusing on moving forward. It highlighted the need to double down and ensure there aren’t unnecessary systems left online; the threat landscape is reduced; things aren’t let slide out of ignorance.

Cybercon Conference Photo

Overall the experience was highly valuable and very educational. Davichi now have new methods of attack for our penetration testing services, more threats to secure and better ways of solving problems to ensure better protection for our clients.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you become more secure reach out to our security team via email cybersecurity@davichi.com.au or call 07 3124 6059 to be put through to one of our available security team members.

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