Safeguard your customer data, comply with legislation and protect your reputation.

Our certified penetration testers will find your security vulnerabilities. In your web and mobile apps, your internal and external infrastructure, and your work practices. Hands-on testing is undertaken by our experienced team incorporating a wide range of attack methodologies and tools to ensure realistic and true world results.

With the growing frequency and complexity of cyber-attacks, more and more companies are investing in penetration testing services. A penetration test is a small cost compared to the disruption caused by a cyber-attack.

  • Proactively quantify and reduce business risk
  • Validate the effectiveness of your security safeguards
  • Protect your brand reputation and maintain customer loyalty
  • Avoid costly network downtime
  • Avoid fines while meeting regulatory requirements
  • Get tailored reports to help you prioritise remediation for your business


External Network Testing

We’ll thoroughly test your external facing services including firewalls and VPNs for vulnerabilities so that you can secure them before they become a problem.

Internal Network Testing

We assess your internal network for vulnerabilities. Prevent contractors, guests, or malicious software from compromising your internal infrastructure.


Our Cyber Security Awareness empowers both organisations and their employees to share responsibility for cyber security and will help to implement best practice.

Professional Services

We provide an array of other professional services which include incident response, architecture reviews and risk assessments, and consulting services.

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing is an ethical attack, approved by you, on your business. Penetration tests simulate real-world attempts to breach your defences. They’re effective at not only identifying weaknesses, but also validating your detection capabilities.

Simply put we identify ways that hackers will get in, what damage they can cause and how much it may cost you.

External Network Penetration Test

External Network Penetration Tests will take place from our location and will be delivered by our skilled cybersecurity consultants. The service is designed to comprehensively assess the external network surface against security best practices, known vulnerabilities and attack methods used by real-world cybercriminals.


  • All tests delivered under industry best practice methodologies by qualified consultants.
  • Determines the security level of your externally facing infrastructure
  • Provides clear instruction on how to further secure your externally facing infrastructure
  • Provides your organisation with an opportunity to resolve security vulnerabilities and educate staff on best practices in a controlled manner before your organisation falls victim to a real-world incident or breach.
  • Many organisations are required to complete security testing/audit to ensure they meet compliance requirements for their industry. Get secure and improve compliance – sounds like a win-win.

Internal Network Penetration Test

This test shares the same methodology and approach with the External Network Penetration Test. The service is designed to critically assess the Internal Network surface against security best practices.

The Internal Network Penetration Test will typically test from the perspective of both an authenticated and non-authenticated user to ensure that the network is critically assessed for both the potential exploit of a rogue internal user and an unauthorised attack.


  • This test is delivered under industry best practice methodologies by qualified consultants
  • Determines the security level of your internal facing infrastructure
  • Provides clear instruction on how to further secure your internal infrastructure
  • Better understand your systems and know what risks you currently face and how these can either be eradicated or minimised
  • Help reduce permission creep and minimise your risk profile
  • Know where your organisation stands as far as security best practice goes and have a clear path moving forward on what is needed to ensure you meet these requirements.