Is antivirus enough to protect my computer?

Based on the many conversations with our clients and potential clients over the last few months it has become obvious that many don’t see the urgency or need for cyber insurance or simply don’t understand what it really is for.

With this in mind, we have decided to try and help you understand just what cyber insurance is and why it is so important.

By Craig Ford - Cyber Security Specialist

The first thing you need to do if you are able is to, is look for a better security platform that is not only a signature-based antivirus application but also includes AI/machine learning functionality to allow the platform to detect unusual file and systems processes. Behaviour monitoring and more advanced machine learning will be a great addition that will allow your protection platform to detect what is normal behaviour and generate an automated response to a suspicious flag or notify you or your security team of the incident. So simply put first make sure your protection platform is implementing the latest methods of protection, if it isn’t, talk to us today to help move you over to a more advanced option.


Secondly, email filtering and click protection services for your emails is extremely important. More than half of all systems breaches or incidents occur due to a malicious email link or file being opened by a user. Email filtering and click protection can help to reduce the number of these types of emails that actually make it through to your inbox, yes, it is not perfect but it will greatly reduce the risk levels. The ones that still get through, if you have click protection will stop your uses inadvertently installing malicious code when clicking on a valid looking link in an email (which turns out is not a real link and redirects to a nice file storage service in the UK – I don’t think origin energy is going to use a service like this)


Thirdly, if you are a business you need to ensure that you have adequate perimeter protections on the external boundary of the network. If you just have a basic home grade internet router you are opening you and your business up for malicious activity on your systems and with these systems many have never the default credentials changed, basically leaving the door wide open to anyone who would like to give them access to your network.


Fourthly, do regular updates on all systems, this will ensure that you are protected from many of the know vulnerabilities that vendors have found and fixed. Trust us, in 2018 no breaches were caused by zero-day vulnerabilities meaning that most of them could have been prevented (if not all) if the system are updated regularly. Simple and effective. Make sure you get this done.


Lastly, do some basic cybersecurity awareness training; teach yourselves and your staff how to better protect themselves and how to spot something malicious. Better security behaviour that will reduce personal and business risks. There are so many options, we can provide you with group training sessions, flyers and there is a magnitude of online training options that will all help to improve the ability for staff to protects themselves.


If we can get the above at a bare minimum implemented, we can all sleep better at night with the knowledge that you have at least done the basics to stay protected. At that point, we can discuss a way to improve your security standard even further with managed security services or policy and procedure improvements or even ISO27001 compliance. Those options and more will elevate your security standards and make your just that little bit more protected and just that little bit harder for the malicious actors to breach your systems.

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