Is your business prepared for COVID-19?

By Davichi Team

As these global coronavirus fears increase, businesses are seeking solutions to manage their increasingly isolated workforce. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, LinkedIn, and Twitter are among the companies asking employees to work from home, if possible, during the outbreak. While working remotely is obviously not a possibility for all industries and professions, it can be a smart solution for those able to work in flexible, digital environments.

Although remote work flexibility has been a sought-after career perk in recent years, teams still need the right tools and resources in place to ensure they can adapt to new challenges around collaboration, accessibility, and logistics.

Some Advice for working remotely

If you or your team will be working remotely in the coming weeks, here are some tips for working remotely that can help ensure productivity, efficiency, and minimal work disruption.

  • Eliminate the need for meetings by creating a digital hub accessible to all team members
  • At a time when face-to-face meetings are unrealistic or even impossible for some teams, a software solution that houses documents and tasks in one centralized, digital location can make working remotely more productive.
  • Build-in new routines that involve checking in via video conference and team chat software
  • Your weekly status meeting can be conducted as efficiently via a video conferencing tool.
  • If employees require a VPN to access the company’s private networks remotely, make sure to set that up sooner rather than later.
  • Your teams may need to access your company’s private networks from home. Speak to an administrator about setting up a secure VPN, so no one misses out on important tasks while working remotely.
  • Ensure your staff have access to a strong internet connection. A spotty or unreliable internet connection can be a significant challenge for remote workers. Ensure your internet connection is solid and there is a contingency plan, if not.
  • Take regular breaks in the same way you would in the office. It can be tempting to work through, take the time to eat away from your computer or regroup as needed.
  • Take advantage of webinars and virtual events
  • Make use of collaborative software and cloud-based apps

Working from home has become more efficient thanks to cloud-based tools that allow for collaboration and remote access to documents and assets. Make the most of these tools as your teams navigate changes to their work schedule and environment.

One of the challenges of managing and working within a remote team involves choosing the right IT solutions to increase collaboration and productivity.

Business Continuity Planning is one of Davichi’s specialties with Security and Cyber Risk at the forefront of any solutions that we implement.

If you have read the above and feel that your business is not adequately prepared send an email to and a technology specialist will contact you to assess your requirements and come back to you with a solution.

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