Save Money on your IT with these simple tips...

Saving a little on technology can go a long way, but cutting too many corners can lead to added problems and expensive downtime.

Here are a few ways you can cut costs without creating any long term issues.

By Davichi Team

Replace Replace Replace

Got an older model that’s causing you issues? Older technology is typically more costly to run, and after a while, it’s cheaper to buy a new PC than it is to continue spending money fixing something that always seems to be broken. The end of the financial year is quickly approaching and it’s a great time to upgrade technology.

Save Money ButtonEnergy Efficiency is Key

If you reduce the amount of energy your equipment uses each day, your utility bills will decrease as well. Simply switching to LCD monitors, and enforcing policies to turn off monitors or put machines to sleep at night can make all the difference.

Stop Dealing with Vendors yourself

You hired your employees to work, not sit on the phone with a PC manufacturer because your hard drive crashed. Businesses waste money by paying employees to go around in circles with vendor tech support all the time. Davichi continually build and maintain relationships with the best vendors and are able to get things done much faster as well as ensure the equipment is suitable for your specific needs. This means issues get resolved quickly and your employees can focus on things they are best at.

Stop Paying your Phone Bill

Yes, you heard us right. Stop paying exorbitant money to your phone company by switching over to a VoIP solution instead. Small businesses save up to 80% on their telephone communication expenses, so the investment pays for itself rapidly. Many VoIP systems also allow your users to take their phone and use it anywhere, giving you increased flexibility and functionality.

Maintenance makes a world of difference

Nearly all day-to-day IT issues can be entirely prevented with just a little bit of maintenance. Regular maintenance of your IT systems helps your systems to run more smoothly as well as reduce the risk of them breaking down. A well maintained IT environment should ensure your staff and business has no technology roadblocks that hamper productivity and will also lead to a reduction in support costs.

Regular and basic maintenance will help prolong the life of your servers and workstations and reduce the likelihood of downtime or performance issues being experienced thus saving you time and money.

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